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If you’re interested in purchasing a new piano, you may be considering the benefits of a used piano compared to a new piano. Used pianos can be a tricky purchase if you don’t know what you’re looking for, especially if you’re buying from a private party that may not feel obligated to disclose important information about defects in the piano, maintenance routines, or necessary repairs. However, with the right information and disclosures, a used piano can be a great purchase for new piano buyers.

6 Reasons to Consider a Used Piano if You’re On a Budget

There are many reasons piano buyers choose to purchase a used piano over a new piano, but they usually come down to price and getting the most out of their budget.

1. You Typically Get a Better Piano for Less

Much like how a brand new car will lose some of its value as soon as you drive off the lot, so, too, does a new piano lose some of its value following purchase. This means the new piano sitting in your neighbor’s living room is worth less than the same piano on the floor of the piano store.

To reduce the costs of this value decrease being passed on to you, consider purchasing a used piano.

Purchasing a used piano means you’ll be saving a percentage of the new purchase cost, which for many piano buyers, means gaining access to a higher-performance piano than a new-piano budget could afford.

2. Repairs can be Affordable

If you see cosmetic repairs or if the piano is out of tune when you are looking at used pianos for purchase, these repairs and routine maintenance can be incredibly affordable. And it certainly will be offset by the savings of choosing a used piano vs a new piano.

If you’re purchasing a used piano through a piano dealer, they will likely have service providers on staff or that they have great relationships with to perform repairs or tunings at an affordable price. If, however, there is more serious damage, such as a cracked soundboard, a cracked frame, or severe water damage, the piano will not be worth purchasing.

3. You Can Get Your Preferred Aesthetic–Sooner

For new piano owners, or new homeowners looking to fill a new piano room, it’s easy to get your heart set on a grand piano with only an upright piano budget. Opening your options to used pianos will provide the opportunity to extend your budget further and, in many cases, means you’re able to purchase a grand or baby grand piano when you otherwise would have had to settle for an upright or studio grand.

4. Used Pianos Hold Their Value Well

Another reason piano purchasers decide to buy a used piano is because used pianos tend to hold their value fairly well. Especially if you are planning on saving to purchase the piano of your dreams within 3-5 years, you can typically resell your used piano for the same amount you originally paid for it if you maintain it well.  

5. Used Pianos are a Great Stopover Solution

Because of the above reasons, purchasing a used piano can be a great solution in your journey to your dream piano. Many piano buyers find that they would rather purchase a temporary used piano that they can later trade in or resell for a similar value while they save for their dream piano rather than going with no piano at all until the funds are saved, or settling for a piano less than what they originally preferred.

Tips for Buying a Used Piano

Are you on the path to purchasing a used piano? Check out our expert blog on what to look for (and what to be on the lookout for) in your purchase.

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4 Tips for Buying a Used Piano

It can be daunting to shop for a used piano, especially when you don’t have a lot of experience with used piano quality or piano structure. When shopping for a used piano, it’s important to consider the following.

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Final Thoughts

Purchasing a used piano can be a great way to make the most of a moderate piano budget, as long as you do so knowing what to look for in a purchase. If you are unsure or would like more information about purchasing a used piano, please feel free to reach out to our piano experts. We are happy to help!