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Get your piano moved anywhere in the Western U.S.  We move upright pianos, grand pianos, and everything in-between!

Experience and the right equipment make all the difference in the world when it comes to moving pianos. Our piano movers have years of experience lifting, padding, securing, and moving your piano safely. We take precautions not only with your piano, but also with the walls, floors, stairs, and all other furniture in your home as well. We know how to move over all types of flooring including tile and wood, and are able to move up and down stairs. Our piano movers are insured and experienced, and never cut corners

We are located in the Salt Lake City area and will move any pianos in the Western United States. Please fill out the details of your piano move below, and the form will be submitted directly to our Piano Moving Manger Casey.  You can also call 801-706-3149 or email delboy@pianogallery.com to book your move. When filling out the piano move form, please notify our movers of any tight corners, landings (including the landing size), how many stairs, and any other special instructions they may need.

Thank you for allowing us to move your piano!

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