Yamaha DGB1K ENCL 5′ Disklavier Baby Grand Piano

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The most affordable Yamaha Disklavier grand piano, the Yamaha DGB1K ENCL is Yamaha’s most compact and affordable Disklavier baby grand piano.

Dimensions: 5′ L x 57″ W x 39″ H
Model: Yamaha DGB1K ENCL
Cabinet: Polished Ebony

The Yamaha DGB1K ENCL is available to test out at any Utah Piano Gallery location. Drop by anytime during store hours to play this popular, affordable Yamaha grand piano for yourself.


The Yamaha DGB1K ENCL is the most affordable Disklavier offered by Yamaha. At 5’0″ long, this baby grand Disklavier-powered piano offers incredible acoustic power with the technological perks of a Yamaha Disklavier at an affordable price.

With the same quality, power, sound, and workmanship expected of Yamaha but with cost-saving production and materials, the Yamaha DGB1K offers Disklavier lovers a more accessible grand piano option that can fit into tighter spaces (and tighter budgets).

The Disklavier ENSPIRE CL included with the Yamaha DGB1K ENCL is discreet and streamlined to remain hidden from view so it doesn’t distract or detract from the beauty of your Yamaha baby grand piano. The ENSPIRE connects wirelessly with mobile devices, smartphones, and computers for intuitive access to its exclusive features.

The Yamaha ENSPIRE CL is a revolutionary piano technology that replicates artist performances with built-in songs (or your own songs!), has recording capabilities, streams Yamaha Piano Radio with over 30 channels, and more! Watch our Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE demo video below (please note the ENSPIRE CL does not have SILENT Piano™ technology — explore the SILENT Piano™ technology with the Yamaha DGB1K ENST):

Learn more about the Yamaha ENSPIRE CL Disklavier here: https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/pianos/disklavier/enspire_cl/index.html

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Yamaha pianos are among the most recommended pianos among piano tuners and technicians, and remain a leading choice for pianists at all skill levels and all over the world.

Yamaha pianos have an unparalleled reputation as an instrument of outstanding quality and value. With top-of-the-line production facilities and a tradition of care and craftsmanship, Yamaha’s pianos combine the best in instrumental engineering and production.

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