Iconic Bösendorfer Model 225 Polished Ebony Grand Piano – St George

Original price was: $182,999.00.Current price is: $89,695.00.


Universally regarded as the finest in the world, Bösendorfer pianos set the ultimate standard for concert-level performance and musical expression.  Hand-crafted in Vienna, Austria since 1828, Bösendorfer Imperial instruments are the crown jewels of many of the world’s top concert venues, music conservatories, institutions, and homes, and are considered the pinnacle of piano design and manufacturing.  These instruments feature a host of unique and exclusive design elements from the Viennese piano-making tradition, including:

  • Solid spruce Resonance Case construction which allows the entire instrument to resonate for unmatched projection, sustain, and depth of tone.
  • Individually-strung scale for improved tuning stability, reliability, and easy servicing in a performance environment.
  • Independent Capo d’Astro for absolute precision and harmonic perfection in the upper register, preserving the unique Bösendorfer tone for generations.
  • Four additional bass notes (for a total of 92 keys) allow the performance of certain works by Busoni, Bartók, and Ravel, written exclusively to be performed on Bösendorfer Imperial instruments. The resulting enlarged soundboard and additional strings allow the pianist enjoy an orchestral sound with enhanced sympathetic resonance.
  • The absolute highest quality hammers, keys, and action components come together in the renowned Bösendorfer/Renner action, for the ultimate in playability and dynamic control.

This Model 225 was built in 1994, but plays and sounds like a brand new instrument.  With all the subtle textures, nuances, and unique performance attributes Bösendorfer pianos are famous for, this piano lives up the the Bösendorfer name and rich Viennese musical heritage.  Also beautiful and unique in appearance, this piano looks as good as it sounds and would be an incredible addition to the right home.

The 7’4″ Bösendorfer Model 225 is still hand-made in Vienna today, and it bears a suggested new retail price of $209,999.  This magnificent pre-owned instrument is available now for less than half of that amount!  An extraordinary value and an extremely rare opportunity to own a cornerstone of piano manufacturing and performance heritage.  A matching adjustable artist bench is included, along with full concert preparation and in-home tuning.  Delivery is available throughout the Intermountain West and to destinations nationwide (please contact us for details).

One must see this instrument in person to truly appreciate it.  See and play it today at the St George Piano Gallery, located at 144 W Brigham Rd #7, St George (in Bloomington Courtyard).  Or call us with any questions at 435.634.1062.

While we do our best to keep our online used piano inventory updated, the most up-to-date inventory can be viewed in-person at our showrooms.


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