Yamaha DC2X Disklavier – Murray

$63,099.00 $39,995.00

Very rare opportunity to buy a used Yamaha Disklavier with so few hours for a fraction of the new retail price.  High lighted with beautiful Chrome casters, hinges, and logo, this piano drop dead gorgeous.   The player piano came back with a very nice library of songs at no extra cost.


Today is your lucky day!!!  This DCX2E3 Yamaha Disklavier player grand piano was used for only about 100 hours.  They loved it so much they traded it in for another larger Disklavier player grand piano.  This piano though used is as new as they come.  The CX2 is the model Yamaha brought out to go head to head with Steinway.  It is awesome even as a piano only, the player allows you to enjoy the world’s finest pianist in your home when ever you like.  This piano was upgraded with Chrome casters, hinges and Logo.  Totally stunning.  See it at our Murray location, 5478 South Green Street where you can compare it with several new and used player grand pianos or call 801-266-9550.


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